Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3

As some of you casual gamers may have been thinking about, “When the heck is World 3 coming out!”, well I got the answer for you in case you’re clueless! Brad Borne, the creator of the popular Fancy Pants series has been keeping us updated on his site, which you can find here. Apparently, World 3 is coming out sometime this year. If I remember correctly, last I heard Brad was saying something about Febuary, but now had resided with, and I quote, “I literally have no idea when it will be finished, though I’m guessing some time in 2010.” maybe he’s working on adding more things that originally planned, bringing the game to the fullest potential. Here are some screenshot, that I’m guess Brad took, unless he has some evil henchmen…:

I’ve always admired art like this, beautiful stuff isn’t it!

Once again, an amazing display of talent in this image. A new thing to World 3 is, being able to swim.

This is a short demo video of World 3, be sure to watch it!

Keep up with Brad Borne here!

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One Response to “Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3”

  1. Alma-Fuego Says:

    Fancy Pants !!
    Awesome, I can’t stop play this games ! Thank’s Brad ;D

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